Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Summer loving....

March is the worse month. It’s that time of year where I want the summer. I crave the summer. I need the summer. I dream about grilled meat, potato salad, corn on the cob, amazing red juicy tomatoes, crispy green beans, runs in the sun in the morning, lemonade and iced tea. The problem is, it’s still winter.

The larger problem is I get tired of winter things. I am sick of my winter clothes. I am tired of running in the gym, and I don’t want to eat winter foods any more. It makes cooking really difficult for me because I can't get anything I want.

JR thinks he has the solution, he is taking me to the Dominican Republic next week. We’ll have sun, sand, Piña Coladas and hopefully amazing food! I keep hoping when I come back it will be spring!


Amanda said...

I crave the summer, too...unfortunately, it's now April and it's still a measly 50 degrees up here in VT.

I enjoy reading your blog!

--Amanda (from way back when)

K said...

It's warm today in Boston, 65 degrees and I am having an awfully hard time staying inside at my desk. I have enjoyed your blog as well, I actually started using Flog Blog because of you!