Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ice Cream GALORE!

This weekend we went over to dinner at our friend BC's parent's house. S&BC live out in Wellesley and for 4 years I have been hearing about their freezer.

Apparently they love ice cream and there is never a shortage. Everyone always talks about how many flavors of Ben & Jerry's they have and I always thought "of course, EVERYONE loves ice cream!" Boy was I wrong, no one loves ice cream as much as S&BC!

Here is a quick glimpse inside their freezer,

That's right, you can see 9 flavors of Ben & Jerry's alone, not to mention 2 sorbets. What you can't see is the 3 other half gallon tubs on the bottom shelf! BC also assured me that they are about 8 flavors short right now!

I haven't told JR yet, but I am considering moving in with them just to be closer to their freezer....


Dan Abdinoor said...


Yoav said...

That looks yummy. My only question would be how you maintain your trim figure given all these amazing foods ;)

K said...

I can only dream about keeping this kind of ice cream around the house. I have no will power what-so-ever and I definitely don't run enough to earn it!

arubin said...

I want some ice cream. I do prefer a chocolate blizzard from DQ with peanut butter cups and cookie dough. Mmm mmm good! :)