Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Kitchen Report Cards

Part of my system of trying new recipes is to give them grades. This came from my Mom who would write peoples reactions at the top of a recipe when she made it. I like to do this whenever a try a new recipe but it’s harder than you think.

For a while everything I made was getting an A. What’s not to love about food? If it was fun to cook and I enjoyed eating it, it got an A. Then I realized that wasn’t a very accurate way to judge them for future reference.

Next I started asking JR. His grades ranged more than mine did (C – A), but I didn’t entirely trust him to tell me the truth. You see, he, like all loving husbands who have wives that cook for them, has learned not to bite the hand that feeds him.

Now I am trying the following range

A – Amazing, I want to make it again tomorrow night
B – Very Good, I will make it again for family/friends
C – Good, I will make it again at home
D – Not Good, I won’t make it ever again
F – Awful, I can’t finish this dish

The recipes can also get stars. Stars are for when the recipe needs adjustments. So for example, I make a recipe that was a C but if I used less butter and added in some more garlic could be a B, it will get a C*.

I am not anal, I swear.

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