Thursday, July 3, 2008

State of decline

Remember my garden?

It was beautiful! The lettuce tasted great and I had visions of us feeding off it all summer long.

And then it got flooded. So we drilled some wholes in my nice self watering container, so it could drain the excess water out.

Then it got flooded again.

After which it never really managed to come back to life. I think part of the problem was that as the leaves on the trees came in more fully, we had less and less sun. I think our patio gets MAYBE 2 hours of sun a day right now. It just isn't enough to dry out the soil after it rains, or feed the plants.

I managed to get one last harvest out of it. Which was amazing and delicious. Then this past week I thought we were making some progress, and Boston was hit with two CRAZY pounding storms.

My lettuce is done-zo. I am thinking about transplanting the parsley and basil in to the larger container to see if it does a little better. Anyone know if transplanting herbs works?

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YardbirdSax said...

We've done that with several of our herbs, with good results. Just use good potting soil, water them alot, and use some good plant food too.

Poor little lettuce... never had a chance. :(