Monday, May 19, 2008


When I picked out which herbs to grow in my garden, I specifically stayed away from the catnip. I did this, because as I have shared, we have a pride of wild house cats that roam around our place causing all kinds of problems.

However, today I was checking out my plants and I realized that some of my lettuce leaves were crushed and stamped into the soil. When I looked a little closer I realized there we CAT TRACKS running though my lettuce! One of the cats got up into the container and walked through my lettuce.

The only question now is if they also decided the planter was also the right size and shape for a litter box??

While you all ponder that, here are some great week 1/week 2 comparative photos. Look at how much my lettuce has grown all ready!

Week 1 - Full Garden

Week 2 - Full Garden

Week 1 - Lettuce

Week 2 - Lettuce

P.S. Don't worry too much, if the cat did pee in my garden, I promise not to serve those pieces to you when you come over for dinner. ;-)

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