Wednesday, May 28, 2008

We had a Monsoon in Boston!

God laughed at me yesterday. I wrote the post about my beautiful beautiful lettuce, and then it rained like a monsoon in the afternoon and DESTROYED MY LETTUCE!

Before I started spooning out all the water I did think to take a photo, it was pretty dark so I am not sure you can see the damage - just in case I added arrows and captions (ohhh fun!)

The whole container was sloppy soupy mud. I guess one down side of the self watering container is when it gets over watered (or flooded by a monsoon) there is no way for the excess water to run off. It needs a hole in the bottom that you can un-plug when there it rains too much. I know that would defeat the purpose of saving all the glorious dirt nutrients, but floating lettuce plants is not the look I was going for.

Today I spent the day dragging the container around to the sunny spots so it could dry out. I think we might be ok. The plants are no longer in nice lines, they are kind of crunched together in one corner. I also added in some more dirt to help sop up the water and replace what I dumped out yesterday. I also cut a nice bowl full of the big leaves for dinner tonight. If everything else rots at least we got two salads from it!

The good news is, God must be reading my blog.

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