Monday, January 7, 2008

Farewell dinner....

Friday night was excellent. We stopped at our favorite drink spot - Tabla at Madison Square Park. We both got the cucumber martini. Mine had tons of cilantro in it, and was really quite spectacular.

Then we headed downtown to Tides. The food was good and interesting. Most fantastic were the PEi mussels we got to share. The sauce wasn't the standard butter garlic sauce that mussels are always served in, it was a lemon fennel sauce that was really good. The mussels also came with a big pile of thin slices sauteed fennel that was really nice.

I had the black pepper seared tuna and SS got the whole bronzino - both we also very good. SS then came back and helped me with the final packing, she was a master with the tape dispenser, and I was ready bright and early for the movers.

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