Sunday, January 13, 2008

How to turn your dinner guests off from eating for a week.

Since moving in to our beautiful new apartment there has been one thing that has been consistently weird. The cats. We have 4 or 5 cats that spend a significant amount of time roaming outside around our house.

The cat we see most frequently belongs to the owners upstairs. She is a gray tabby with a super fluffy tail and she loves us whenever we walk by. She loves us so much, that we have had to start growling at her to keep her from coming into our apartment. Based on her behavior, and the other 4 cats that walk around and look in the windows, I think the previous owners let all the neighborhood cats into the apartment and fed them.

The other night night was the Patriots first game in the playoffs after their 16-0 season. It was a big game, but it was a bigger night for JR and I because we decided to entertain in our new apartment for the first time. We invited my parents over for lasagna and the game and spent the day cleaning and getting the apartment in order.

By 5PM everything looked great, the lasagnas were in the oven waiting to be cooked and all we had left to do was shower. In fact everything went great until about half way through dinner.

We were all sitting at my Grandmother's table in our dining room, with all our new wedding gear on the table. We were listening so some soft jazz and having a delightful dinner. Every so often the jazz took a slightly high note, but I didn't think so much of it. Finally my dad says, "What is that?" We discuss for a minute if it's the music or the heating system and then JR opens the door to our front step, and we find two cats in the middle of heated sex, RIGHT ON OUR DOOR STEP!

Talk about a major appetite killer. Lucky for me, my parents are pretty cool and laughed off the whole episode, but I am not having any more dinner parties until the cat upstairs isn't in heat any more!

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