Sunday, January 13, 2008

Introducing the next Giada!


You see, SS convinced me, about 3 months ago, to apply online for a Lifetime realty TV show. It was going to be about women who love food, and would focus on the eating of 12 New York ladies.

I decided to play the "newlywed" card and my entire application was about how much I love cooking for my husband and finding new restaurants to go to on our anniversaries. I even made sure that all the photos I sent were from our wedding.

I honestly didn't think I would ever hear from them again, and this past weekend when we went out to dinner at Tides, SS and I commented on the fact that we hadn't. I was so amazed on Thursday when Tiffany, the casting director for the show called me on Thursday.

Tiffany was everything you could hope for from a Lifetime casting director, at least over the phone. Her Long Island accent was terrific and she called me 'honey' 3 times and 'darling' 5 times during our 4 minutes conversation. I could picture her platinum blond hair and inch long burgundy red finger nails and I was just dying to be a part of this show.

She offered me a spot,and I had to admit to having moved to Boston last weekend, and thus destroyed my opportunity. Tiffany promised to keep me on her mailing list for any openings here in Boston, and confided that her boyfriend lives here. Apparently she does quite a bit of business here so she can get all expense paid trips to see him for free. Perhaps the dream is still alive, but deep down inside, I know this was my chance to have my own Food Network TV show and I blew it!

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