Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Petting my Dishwasher

I am not a neat chef. I use four times the required number of dishes, I burn pots and pans, I break glasses, and I get food everywhere. But I have one rule that JR agreed to when we moved into together, “He who cooks, does not clean.”

This worked our exceptionally well for me in our last apartment, since we had no dishwasher.

We went 3 long years without one. I knew doing the dishes was a pain in the a&& for JR, heck I even helped out on those days when there were piles of plates (mostly when I made lasagna,) but I didn’t think not having a dishwasher was that big of a deal. I had to do dishes in my family every other week growing up and it was always a paint in a&& even with a dishwasher!

Then we moved, and my world was rocked. Everyone should have to live a number of years without a dishwasher at some point in their young adult life. I yearn to do the dishes now. I do them 3 times a day on the weekends. I run the dishwasher with 4 plates and 5 glasses in it, just to hear the glorious whoosh whoosh whoosh of it washing my dishes! Cleaning the kitchen takes 5 minutes now, and we can do it together!

It’s settled, my new kitchen, it’s heaven on earth.

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