Friday, January 11, 2008

Pizza Pizza

Any time you move, one of the most important things to find shortly after is your local pizza place. There is nothing like a Thursday night when cooking is the last thing on your mind and you need a good pizza with a cold beer.

One of the problems with Park Slope was that we never found our pizza place, and we were in Brooklyn! There was fancy pizza, greasy pizza, expensive pizza, pizza by the slice and delivery, but not a single place kept us both happy twice in a row.

To be fair, they had a tough act to follow, in Hartford we had OUR place. City Pizza. We ordered it 3 times a week, with blue cheese on the side for dipping. They had a fantastic sweet red sauce which they put on top of the cheese. The crust was thin and crunchy and it was good hot or cold. It was our perfect pizza and no matter what, nothing we found in Brooklyn compared.

In Boston, we are a little biased, Pizzeria Regiana's is as close to a family shrine that JR's family has. His parents claim that every important decision they have made, from babies to houses, was made while sitting there eating pizza.

Last night, when JR got tickets from his boss to go to the Bruins game at the Garden, I knew we had to go into the North End to Regina's for dinner. The secret for us is to get their standard cheese well done. This gives it a perfect crunchy crust. What makes their pizza fantastic is that along side they serve huge bottles of olive oil. Some have garlic in them, some have red pepper and others are plain, but which ever you choose, they are fantastic drizzled over the cheesy pizza and out of this world for dipping your crust in.

As you watch the people eat at Regina's you can see that everyone has their own style. JR will only use the garlic olive oil, while I like mine loaded with Parmesan cheese, red pepper and basil and then drizzled with both the red pepper oil and the garlic oil. Some people just prefer it plain, since the pizza stands up on it's own. It doesn't really matter that much how you like it, just that you are looking for some good solid pizza and a cold beer.

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