Friday, May 16, 2008

Pizza or....

A couple of Sunday's ago we headed over to our friend's place for pizza and to hang out. When we got there, we sure were happily surprised to find their apartment filled with wonderful non-pizza like smells. It turns out HP had a change of heart and decided to make us a home cooked Bosnian feast!

She had two kinds of sausages on the grill, a casserole called Pita that was all fluffy and cheesy, a great salad and a dip, the name of which I cannot remember, but I know it had eggplant in it and it was delicious. It was a feast and everyone was super excited to try all the great food.

I forced HP into a photo of her with the pita because it was so beautiful and golden brown when it came out of the oven, and because she had been making fun of my "house wife" blog. Hopefully I can get her to share some recipes with me!


pbel said...

Thanks for the challah French toast recipe. Your mom and dad raved about it. I now have to vreate an occasion to serve it. I have a similar one that uses cream cheese and blueberries. A bit of a cross bewteen French toast and blintzes. AP

K said...

I would love your recipe if you want to send it to me! I hoped you enjoyed Still River Cafe. It's one of my favorites.