Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Should I import worms?

I spent the last week and half working from home for various reasons and that means no blog posts happened! I am in the office today and I plan to more than make up for it! We had a spectacular weekend full of great things to write about.

Saturday was supposed to be a cold, yucky, rainy day – like much of the last month has been. In the early afternoon is started to clear up a bit and I headed out to Mahoney’s the garden store. As I mentioned before, I want to grow some food this year. I was very inspired and planned to grow lettuce, tomatoes, green beans and 12 different herbs and then spring happened. With spring came leaves and our once sunny patio became a beautiful shady patio. So I revised and on Saturday went to look for some good leafy shade loving plants.

I had already purchased 1 large self watering container which I was saving for my lettuce. I planted 12 baby lettuce plants which I hope keep us in greens for much of the summer. These are leaf lettuce plants, not head lettuce, so in theory I can pull the leaves off the outside, and they keep growing more.

I then went to pick out my herbs. I was planning to do a wide variety of different ones but they had such a variety of my old favorites that I couldn’t help myself. I got 3 basil plants (sweet, Genovese and African Blue) 3 mint plants (apple, grapefruit and peppermint) 2 types of parsley (curly and flat leaved) and one thing of chives.

I got home and the sun was out so the went right ahead and planted everything. I am so excited! I can’t wait to have fresh lettuce for all my salads this summer.

The only question is, aren't all gardens supposed to have worms? should I import some to my containers?

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