Friday, May 30, 2008

Summer Colors

I went to the Whole Foods today after my run, which was a bad idea. All I needed was Hoisin Sauce (for homemade BBQ sauce,) some peppers (for black bean salad,) and some pears (for sangria,) I left with a smorgasbourg of fresh fruit. It's THAT time of year, and I couldn't be more happy.

THIS time of year, means the re-introduction of "Mommy Plates" at lunch. You probably have no idea what a "Mommy Plate" is, because it's something I recently made up the name for. In my mothers household, as the fresh fruit comes into season, a common lunch is a fruit plate with Wasa and cheese.

I call this a "Mommy Plate" because recently I mentioned to my mother how much I enjoyed them and credited her with their creation. She corrected me and explained that her mother, Mor-Mor, should be credited with they creation because she used to serve them to my mother as a child.

In any case, they are all kinds of fresh fruit and vegetables with some kind of bread or cracker with cheese melted on it. There could not be a more perfect salad, and THIS time of year when I am working from home, I always make them for lunch.

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