Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sweet Lettuce!

I kicked off the Memorial Day weekend by working from home on Friday. It was sunny and warm outside, so on a conference call at noon, I was wandering around my patio enjoying all the green. I decided that some of my lettuce was ready for the picking and thought a salad sounded great. I grabbed some scissors and figured I would just get some of the mesclun, and then couldn't stop myself from picking a nice variety!

Isn't it beautiful!?! I contemplated waiting and sharing it with JR, but I just kept picking at it and snacking on it through my call. I finally decided he could wait for the next salad, and added some sliced shallots and dried cherries. It was wonderful! It didn't even need dressing. The lettuce had so much flavor and was so tender. Like nothing I have ever bought at the store.

We went away for the weekend, and when I checked last night, it looks like we might be due another salad later this week! What fun!

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